What I’m listening to this week

Not the sort of thing I usually listen to, but the production on this is kind of amazing. The punch on the kick drum, those tantalizing panned bassy notes which accompany the second verse (00:34), and the opening of the filter on the synth in the background during the chorus.

Utterly euphoric. I listened to this in the car on the way home, and almost crashed. Not sure I would have minded, so long as the stereo had been left intact and this kept playing.

I always have to fight against that part of me that instinctively cringes whenever I hear lyrics being pronounced in an overtly ‘English’ way (listen to the pronunciation of ‘warm’ at 00:15), but I’m glad I do. That shift up an octave at the end of the second verse, and the space it makes for the kick drum, are great. A bit repetitive, but when the chorus is as tight as this, I don’t mind.

Starometstka is the name of an underground station in Prague, and I’d originally thought the garbled, distorted voice throughout this track was the recording of an announcement coming through the tannoy. It reminded me of this scene from HBO’s Chernobyl. That hypnotising, cyclical rhythm which comes in at 00:28 sounds like a tube train hurtling down the tunnel. But that tell-tale beep, first heard at 00:12 gives it away (as does 00:40) – it’s the radio conversation between the Apollo 11 astronauts and mission control.

It’s a thunderous track, but like with so much techno you won’t appreciate it if you dive straight into it at the halfway mark – you have to listen to the build-up to feel the full force of the drop when it comes.

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